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SOUND, and her alter ego,
harmonic resonance

October 2020

Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe.”  Pythagoras was so inspired by the philosophy of tonal harmony, he developed a community focused on prioritizing harmonic relationships and cultivating lifestyle harmony.  Now that we understand all matter is ultimately vibration, maybe it’s time we clearly glance again at a subject perhaps misunderstood and underestimated.


Sound tends to be defined in a way that is biased to our personal perceptual expectations, yet is not limited by them.  The human range of sound perception is narrow, beyond which, vibrations can still have a physiological effect.  Color itself carries a specific vibration, perceived with the eyes instead of the ears.  Vibration is the core characteristic of our universe’s composition, from the elementary level, to gigantic scales, even inert matter exhibits vibration. 


In essence, sounds are pressure waves created by a propulsive source, which interact with and alter our medium of existence.  A sound waves’ capacity to effect it’s medium is not just due to it’s ability to engage, but it’s propensity to ENTRAIN.  Yes, sound is the charismatic cousin of brute force power… when she steps up, all around her take notice and emulate – I believe because the natural disposition in nature is harmony and equilibrium.  Entrainment not only characterizes the movement of sound, but all vibrational movement – as all energy ultimately seeks to cultivate equilibrium in it’s environment.  As sound energy interacts with it’s environment, new potentials are perceived, in the form of resonance.


Resonance is more than just the summation of two opposing waves… when two sound waves collide of the exact resonance frequency, it expands both energies beyond the prior boundaries. The union leverages potential energy beyond the capacity of either to access alone – demonstrating compelling possibilities for ‘new’ energy generation. Except, in our world, instead of utilizing this energy, most of our engineering focuses on minimizing resonance and reducing its effect …it’s character is just too chaotic and unpredictable for our current scientific concept to tame, yet.  


In my experience, the universe follows strict principles.  When those truths are not clear to us, become overly complex or troublesome, it’s generally because there is more to the story yet to be ascertained.  In the process, I hope to help transform harmonic resonance from the villainous party-crasher presently perceived by our engineers into the life-giving superhero it is.


In this topic I will explore sound, by examining the science, sharing my observations, insights and point to possibilities we may have previously overlooked.  I have started a YouTube channel employing harmonic resonance for meditation music, to cultivate presence and encourage expansion of consciousness – I will post links to these tracts in the Art Portal.  Vanguard solutions will be posted in the Innovation portal – as always, all blog posts will be archived on this Home Page for your convenience.  


Finally, the point of this site, and specifically with this topic examination, is to expound means of fortifying our satisfaction, connection and wellbeing within ourselves and other relationships in our life.  It is not meant to be a definitive resource for anyone’s personal health or wellbeing in general – so please take what resonates, and dismiss all else – speak with a professional before attempting anything suggested on this site.  Who can find harmony in chaos is who has acquired the skill of cultivating resonance in their relationships, starting foremost with themselves.


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