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SOUND, and her alter ego,
harmonic resonance

Hazrat Inayat Khan said, “He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the whole universe.”  Pythagoras knew that intonations could effect the human being in powerful ways, and created a community focused on cultivating harmony in life.  Now that we understand all matter is ultimately vibration, maybe it’s time we clearly glance again at a subject perhaps misunderstood and underestimated.


We are bathed in the maverick dissonance of a society that is careless about sound.  From microwaves, motorcycle sputters, tweets, whistles, alarms… sound is just the aftermath of some other focus, rarely the intent.  In nature, sound is purposeful, symphonic, harmonic – the difference is blaring.  



Sound tends to be defined in a way that is biased to our personal perceptual expectations, yet is not limited by them.  The human range of sound is narrow, beyond which, vibrations can still have an effect.  Color itself carries a specific vibration, perceived with the eyes instead of the ears.  Vibration is the core characteristic of our universe’s composition, from the elementary level, to gigantic scales, even inert matter exhibits vibration – whether fully functioning and alive, or without a central consciousness, dead.


Sound’s capacity to exhibit resonance can be acknowledged as not just the summation of two opposing waves, leveraging potential energy, demonstrating possibilities for energy generation.  


Who can find harmony in chaos is who has acquired the skill of cultivating resonance in their relationships, starting foremost with themselves. 


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