Nothing is as empowering as melody and mirth

Adventures in Melodious Mirth

I am a bright spot from our collective future, reaching back through these portals to inspire and empower the imagination about what is truly possible in our world.  Up until this point, society has demanded conformity – but as you see, everything is about to change.

This adventure in melodious mirth began as an aspiration to re-conceive a vision of a healthy lifestyle which prioritizes quality of life.  In a capitalistic economy, expedience is determined by perceived benefit. Meaning, our authorities have deferred their opinion of what benefits us, based on the political mood, lobbyist support and cultural tradition.  The science and nature are afterthoughts to these priorities, augmented with statistical support.  As a result, the lifestyle choices that prevent many of the illnesses and maladies that afflict our society are often unaddressed by the traditional fields.  I encourage you to always consult with your health care providers to ensure my suggestions are aligned with their own medical needs.

In Plato’s Republic, the ideal society would have a very small medical field,  because the lifestyle which would optimize their citizen’s health would be common knowledge, available and practiced actively by all. I believe Socrates’s vision, shared by Plato, could be the solution to the quagmire of our current society… and this blog is my way of contributing my voice toward it’s realization.

The two most healing modalities we encounter in our life are melody and mirth.  Join me on my journey as I explore collective theories that threaten to blind us to our full potentials, with a touch of melody and mirth.