…Dandelion is a potent antiviral agent, readily accessible to the public and available in quantities adequate to treat global populations…  

Could the Solution to Our Pandemic be a Common Weed?

COVID-19 Treatment Dilemma


During a March 13th interview on MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow, Dr David Ho, Director & CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, suggested that in lieu of vaccines to inoculate the populations, a medication could be developed to target the virus’ Polymerase or Protease, with the intent of inhibiting viral replication. Even after an effective target is identified, trials would still need to be conducted to assure the medication’s safety and effectiveness. After this is characterized, there would be the hurdle of organizing production and delivery to assure the medication is accessible. Overall, the likelihood of a COVID-19 treatment being available and accessible within the next 6-8 months is probably unlikely.

While the quarantine has been effective at “flattening the curve” of the rate of transmission, there is concern that when the quarantine is dissolved a second wave of infection will threaten our populations.

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Could the Solution to our COVID-19 Pandemic be a Common Weed
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Compelling Evidence

Some See a Weed, but when the Pupil is Ready


Usually overlooked as a troublesome eyesore, this tenacious weed has innovated a masterful antiviral mechanism. Dandelion aqueous extract, aka Dandelion Tea, has been shown in scientific studies to inhibit the same mechanism of viral replication targeted by Dr. Ho and his team.

In addition, both the quantity of dandelion required to make the tea and the quantity of tea needed for effect, are low enough to make this a pragmatic and effective COVID-19 solution for the global population.

While not a cure for the coronavirus, less than half a cup a day can effectively suppress viral activity and permit the development of acquired immunity. Even better, one week’s worth of this lifestyle innovation costs simple the time it takes to pick about 30 dandelion flowers and simmering them in about 8 cups of water for three hours. No better solution could have been designed. Not only is viral replication inhibited, the polyphenol array limits both viral resistance and host toxicity.

Polyphenols Found in Dandelion


Drank once daily for 2-3 weeks after the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, Dandelion Tea is a lifestyle innovation and treatment solution documented in scientific studies to have a powerful inhibition on virus reproduction.


Best COVID-19 Solution for 2020


Research suggests that polyphenols, phytochemical metabolities cultivated by dandelion to defend against viral and other pathogenic threats, are more abundant in dandelion than most plants. It’s polyphenol array appears to exhibit synergy, the combination demonstrating a more profound effect than any one of the compounds can account for alone. The dandelion aqueous extract compromises several specific viral proteins within the viral ribonucleoprotein complex, suppressing the levels of the RNA polymerase, blocking further viral replication.

A point of contention for any antiviral therapy is the possibility that the virus will develop a mutation which will make them resistant to the treatment. It is estimated that the coronavirus has an intrinsic error rate of 1M/site/replication. Therefore, this continuous point mutations risk which characterizes this class of virus, could best be mitigated with an innovative agent providing a broad synergistic mechanism of action, like the polyphenol array demonstrated in dandelion.

Finally, when dandelion aqueous extract was evaluated on a virus with the same viral classification as the coronavirus [positive sense RNA], the dandelion’s polyphenols outperformed medications on the market, without the associated toxicity to the cells. So, not only does dandelion extract possess the mechanism of action of the envisioned pharmaceutical solution, but it’s polyphenol arrays minimize the treatment toxicity while it’s multitarget mode of causing the inhibition of viral replication, reduces the probability of viral resistance.


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Let's Talk COVID-19
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Natural Design

 Lifestyle Innovation


It’s unlikely that the government or the traditional medical system would advocate for COVID-19 treatment with dandelion. There are just no human studies to assess it’s effect, and I respect placing definitive scientific evidence as a high priority. Yet, in my attempt to pursue evidence in this crisis, I failed to secure the university affiliation required to apply for federal funding – there was just no space at the table for a new voice, I was turned away before anyone actually listened.  Evidence based validity presumes an investment in actually examining the evidence.  While the use of a natural substance is not novel in our medical system, perhaps the urgency of this natural crisis may demand a natural solution.

However, because I knew that the FDA has already deemed Dandelion “generally safe,” when a sister living in Brooklyn, NY began to report concerning symptoms of COVID-19, I did not hesitate to encourage that she try Dandelion Tea.  By the next day her most concerning symptoms had already resolved [her fever had broken, sense of smell and taste returned, breathing improved and irritability lessened]. The scientist in me wished for the data to ascertain what had been treated, the sister in me was just relieved she was feeling better and on the mend.

About a week later I began to show signs of congestion, dry cough and fatigue – just a generic viral prodrome. I didn’t permit it to get much further, as I began the dandelion tea immediately. By the next day, it was resolved. While access to testing could shed light on what was suppressed, for now I’m at peace with my health, vitality and quality of life; and with calling Dandelion Tea a lifestyle innovation. Yet I believe at my core that it’s the best solution for COVID-19 that could be available to us in 2020.


Empower yourself


As the coronavirus has swept across our globe, we are encouraged to social distance, wear masks, wash our hands, seek medical consultation if we show symptoms, but there is a dire lack of information we can use to empower ourselves and stay healthy. There are no models of this virus in our medical armament to accurately predict it’s behavior or the long-term implications of COVID-19.  But there are scientific investigations, individual case studies and, personal experience to argue that we are not completely helpless and disarmed in this situation.

Instead of waiting around to get sick, I am leveraging this knowledge into a lifestyle innovation to empower my health by drinking Dandelion Tea, picked each morning from a chemical-free, pollution-free lawn. I am not selling dandelion, as nature provides this solution to us free of charge. This masterful antiviral powerhouse may be the best solution to fortify us all. There are precautions with all treatments, so before using this solution yourself, understand the facts, speak with your doctor and empower yourself principally with health.

Dandelion Preparation
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Prioritizing Quality of Life


Dandelion Tea is not a cure, as the present understanding shows no evidence that it attacks or kills the virus directly, nothing suggests that it will protect us from contracting COVID-19 or prevent an asymptomatic carrier from spreading it. What is reported in the scientific literature is a predisposition to suppress viral replication, through suppression of viral polymerase, thereby, permitting the body’s immune system to catch up. You may feel better after the first cup of Dandelion Tea, but because of it’s mechanism of action,  you should continue drinking it for another 2-3 weeks, when your body has fully developed it’s antibodies and immunity.

It is not known if Dandelion Tea will lessen the severity of symptoms of a COVID-19 illness, prevent severe complications, or make the course of an illness entirely asymptomatic. I just know my daily strolls outside to harvest, then preparing a delicious tea has added quality to my day… all else is added benefit.

You are welcome to browse the Art Portal to amuse yourself with perspective from the point of view of Nature. Definitely examine the evidence for yourself in the Science Portal. If you and your doctor feel this could be a safe possibility for you, check out the Innovation Portal for tips on harvesting dandelion and recipes for its preparation.

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