“the expression or application of human creativity and imagination,

producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

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Expression of art is the language of transformation, irrespective of the medium.  It commands attention. communicating the vibrational motion to evoke a shift in energy, perception and possibly values.  The mastery and paradox of art is that we usually only perceive what we expect or what we value.  So successful art impels that journey by capturing your attention with something familiar and transporting you to a previously imperceptible landscape.  

I rarely hear of lifestyle expressed as an art form – perhaps because lifestyle is thought of as something you consent to or align with, and not something that you purposely cultivate.  Life happens to us, often not of our own choosing and less often in our control… but more recent experiences would debate that, as more people are finding their way to their passion and purpose… mounting life as a surf master.  


Join me in my adventure to explore the newest field of art, as I learn to cultivate my own life with Melody & Mirth.