"a seemingly absurd proposition, that when examined, proves to be well founded and true."

Spring Ushers Hope

Buds busting forth from trees, brightening lawns with sprays of dandelions.  Perhaps that’s what we all need, a ray of hope in the form of a common weed, verified in scientific research to have aggressive antiviral actions. 

What a Paradox that the weed we scramble to suppress is the very substance that saves us.  Dandelion, Taraxacum spp, has been shown to have broad suppression of viral  replication in influenza, Dengue fever, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and Herpes by inhibiting viral RNA Polymerase and Reverse Transcriptase.  


A Solution to our Global Problem

What if the solution to our global problem is as simple as gathering some weeds from our back yard, or park?   What if a natural crisis demands a natural solution?  Maybe weeds are the best way to introduce herd immunity into the global ecosystem, minimizing disease crisis, minimizing pan-species mutations.  Maybe this is nature’s way of reminding us that she is here to support us. 

The beauty of the natural world beckons – calling us back to ourself, our wild untamed subconscious composed as a symphony of golden wild flowers blowing in the breeze on a sunny Spring day.  We have neglected and denied our one true relationship with she that gives all, continually, in spite of our disdain.

A World Apart

We’ve created a world apart, lawns tamed in retribution, screened out the bugs and channeled water from tanks, conditioned our air…But the source doesn’t change, she is the source of all.  It’s as true now as it ever was – without her we don’t exist.  You won’t hear about the benefits of dandelion from the major medical pharmaceutical companies, they are prevented from patenting natural substances.  And it turns out, synthesizing or processing the substances that are harvested free from this weed don’t create a superior product. 


I won’t paint an illusion that drinking dandelion tea could cure a severe case, prevent you from contracting it or passing it to someone else – nor can I suggest that it will lessen a course of the illness, prevent it from occurring or cause other problems.  There are people who simply won’t be able to tolerate it due to an allergy to ragweed, chronic or end stage kidney disease, or they are taking medications that will be compromised or made more toxic when combined with the weed.


Nature calls you to your best self, alert, aware and cautious yet willing. Stroll thru the information on this site, or elsewhere on the internet.  Breeze through the Science Portal to learn more about the research and to determine if this could be a solution for you.  Then swagger to the Innovation Portal for ideas on harvesting, preparation and enjoying your enriching supplement.  Speak with your doctor.

When you are well informed and daring adventure into the unfamiliar, kick off your shoes and stroll thru the weeds and just before you pick them, make sure you share with them just how grateful you are.