Does The Cat Have Coronavirus?

does the cat have coronavirus

Does the cat have coronavirus? The cat suddenly began spitting up  white frothy fluid after having what sounded like choking spells… but I thought she was throwing up.  Later when I learned that the cat began having coughing spells the week before, and diarrhea a week before that, it all came together. Does our cat […]

COVID-19 Solution

Brew dandelion tea at the first onset of symptoms

…Dandelion is a potent antiviral agent, readily accessible to the public and available in quantities adequate to treat global populations…   Could the Solution to Our Pandemic be a Common Weed? COVID-19 Treatment Dilemma    During a March 13th interview on MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow, Dr David Ho, Director & CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research […]

Compelling Evidence

Compelling Evidence Dandelion is the Best Solution for COVID-19 for 2020. based on scientific evaluation

COMPELLING EVIDENCE The Scientific Evaluations Taraxacum Species in the Scientific Literature Let’s examine the scientific evaluation Dandelion [Taraxacum species] as a antimicrobial agent.  In each of the studies below, the Taraxacum species showed compelling evidence of antiviral potency.  Rich in phenols compounds, the Dandelion inhibits viral replication without the toxicity most compounds display. Viruses enter […]

Natural Design


Taraxacum spp. Natural Design From Wikipedia The species of Taraxacum are tap-rooted, perennial, herbaceous plants. The genus contains many species, which usually reproduce by apomixis, resulting in many local populations and endemism.  In general, the leaves are 5–25 cm long, simple, lobed, and form a basal rosette above the central taproot. A rosette may produce […]