COVID-19 Solution

Brew dandelion tea at the first onset of symptoms

…Dandelion is a potent antiviral agent, readily accessible to the public and available in quantities adequate to treat global populations…   Could the Solution to Our Pandemic be a Common Weed? COVID-19 Treatment Dilemma    During a March 13th interview on MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow, Dr David Ho, Director & CEO of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research […]

Dandelion Preparation

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Dandelion Preparation In the Northern hemisphere, Dandelions are readily available mid-March through November.  First it’s crucial to find wild specimen that has not been sprayed with chemicals. Sprayed specimens will grow contorted, may have spots and will often be struggling to survive. Next it’s crucial that you correctly identify Dandelion, as there are plants that […]